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  • Please only provide a translation if the language is your native language (or you have comparable knowledge of a language). We do not want online translator translations.
  • The code and your translation are published under the MIT license. If you disagree with this, please do not send us a translation.

As English is not our native language, we would appreciate it if you could report any mistakes or problems in our English translations.

Translating mosparo

To make translating mosparo easier, we set up a Weblate project:


The mosparo frontend has a few strings used for the mosparo box.


We would like to have these strings translated into as many languages as possible because these translations are automatically selected depending on the browser and should include as many languages as possible.

Source code

You can find the translation files here:

The frontend translation files start with frontend.


The backend of mosparo has significantly more strings than the frontend. The backend is understood to be the administration interface of mosparo.

Weblate Backend:
Weblate Validators:

Source code

You can find the translation files here:

The backend translation files start with mosparo in the main translations directory and in the subfolder validators.

Translating the documentation

You can help us translate the documentation into other languages if you like. To create a translation, you need to clone the documentation from Git and start a corresponding additional translation with Docusaurus.

Please send us a pull request with your translation.