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The person needs a user to access the mosparo administration interface. The user is either a regular user with access to selected projects or an administrator with access to all projects and can manage all system settings and users. Each user can create their new projects, but they can only see and manage the projects to which the user has been added as a project member.

Creating a user

To create a user, you must enter the user's email address. Typically, mosparo sends the user an email with a link so that the user can define his password. You can specify the user's password by deactivating the checkbox "Send the user an email to set the password." Then enter the desired password in the two password fields.

In addition, select whether the user is active or not. If you mark a user as inactive, the user cannot log in.

If you want the user to have administrator permission, you can grant a user administration rights so that he has access to all projects and can manage all system settings and users.

Additionally, you can choose whether the user should be able to create a new project. If you create a user who can only read, you may not want to allow the user to create new projects. An administrator can always create new projects.

Deleting Users

If you no longer want a user to be able to access mosparo, you can either mark the user as an inactive user or delete the user. If you want to remove a user from only one project, you must remove the user as a project member in the project settings.