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mosparo has an update system to help you install the latest version of mosparo.

Choose update channel

If you want to test new versions of mosparo before they are released, you can change the update channel to Develop or Beta.

The Beta channel contains the beta version for the stable major, while the Develop channel contains the next major version.


Please note that the Develop and Beta channel versions are not intended for production use and may contain bugs or issues.


If you see an error message when you check for updates, mosparo may have no internet connection. Please check the internet access recommendations in the requirements.

Update mosparo

Read more about updating mosparo in Update mosparo.

Automatic update check

With version 0.4, mosparo executes an automatic update check once a day. If an update is available, you will see an orange button in the header of mosparo.


mosparo does not automatically install the update. You have to start the update manually.

If you do not want this automatic check, you can disable it by setting the environment variable.

To disable the automatic check, please create the file .env.local in the root of mosparo and set the variable MOSPARO_AUTOMATIC_UPDATE_CHECK_ENABLED to 0. You can also copy or rename the file .env.local.dist and adjust the value of the variable in there.