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When a user calls up a form, mosparo will receive the IP address of that user. However, the IP address is only a combination of numbers (and letters in IPv6), providing almost no direct information about the origin.

There are databases with which the IP address can be assigned to a country and a provider to know from where a user comes.


Theoretically, a more precise assignment to the city is possible, but mosparo only uses the country and provider database at most.

For mosparo to use the GeoIP2 database, you need a license key. You can request a free license key on MaxMind's website:

If you don't have an account, create one first. Then request a license key for GeoLite2. Paste the license key into the field in mosparo and press the "Save" button.

You can then press the "Download database" button on the right side to download the database. If everything works correctly, you will see a message that GeoIP2 is available. In addition, the update time of the databases is displayed.


If you have requested the license key, it will take some time to use it by mosparo. Therefore, an error message may be displayed when downloading the database. In this case, wait a few minutes and try again.

We recommend that you set up automatic updating using the cronjob (see Set up Cron jobs).


Please note that the database is not an accurate and guaranteed method of locating a user. If you use GeoIP2 to block countries, you should note that you could also block good users.