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With plugins

The easiest options to integrate mosparo into your website are existing plugins.


The plugins are also called modules, bundles, apps or add-ons, depending on the system.

Available plugins

NameTypeMaintained byWebsite
mosparo Django IntegrationDjango Appmosparo Core Developers
mosparo Drupal IntegrationDrupal Modulemosparo Core Developers
mosparo Mautic IntegrationMautic Pluginmosparo Core Developers
mosparo for osTicketosTicket Pluginmosparo Core Developers
mosparo Symfony BundleSymfony BundleArnaud Ritti
mosparo WordPress IntegrationWordPress Pluginmosparo Core Developers

Install a plugin

Please follow the instructions on how to install a plugin on the website of the plugin.

You should be able to simply put the files of the plugin somewhere in your website, and the website should detect the plugin.

After you've added the plugin, you need to configure it. For this part, you'll need the information you can find in the project settings.