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API error message Authorization header invalid.

API: Verification, Statistic

The mosparo APIs expect the public key and the request signature (HMAC SHA256 hash with the private key as key) as username and password in a Basic Authorization header. For that, please calculate the HMAC SHA256 hash for your request data. After that, please combine the public key with the request signature. Use a colon : to combine these two values. After that, please encode the combined string as Base64 and add Basic in the front.



$publicKey = 'XStQNakEiJk1oMIXJ6_Rxmd3j5gNcQae34n1G3aR6FU';
$requestSignature = '3bdd385caa53e3da76a8dcbfcaa0d9f4e04d8c189fab03ba41383deea236b2d3';
$authData = base64_encode($publicKey . ':' . $requestSignature);

// Set this header value as the Authorization header
$headerValue = 'Basic ' . $authData;

API error message Request invalid.

API: Verification, Statistic

The most common verification and statistic API error message is the Request invalid. message. When you send a request to the API, you must send the public key and the signature of the request data (HMAC SHA256 hash with the private key as key) in the Authorization header. If this signature is invalid, the API will respond with Request invalid..

Possible reasons for this error

In general, this error message can have two possible issues. It is possible that the wrong private key was used. Please make sure that you use the correct private key.

If the private key is correct, it could be a problem with the request data. Please make sure that your request data for the signature is the same as that which you send to the API.