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API debug mode

Enable the API debug mode

To use the API debug mode, you have to enable it. You can find this setting in the project settings, and you have to enable it for every project for which you want to use the API debug mode.

Use the API debug mode

If a verification or statistic API request fails or returns a non-successful response, the API will add more data if the API debug mode is enabled. This can help to understand why a request failed.


If the request signature for a request was not successfully verified, the API will return the following response:

Without API debug mode enabled

"errorMessage":"Request invalid."

With API debug mode enabled

"errorMessage":"Request invalid.",

Additionally available data

The additional debug data is added to the response in the field debugInformation. If this field is unavailable in the response, then the API debug mode is either not enabled, or the request was successful. If the verification request was successful, but not all fields could be verified successfully, the debug data is added to the list of issues for every field.

The fields below are set in the response, depending on the type of error:

Field nameAPIsType of errorDescription
reasonBothGeneral errorSpecifies the reason why the request failed (see Reasons).
expectedHmacHashBothAuthorization errorSpecifies the hash which mosparo calculated.
receivedHmacHashBothAuthorization errorSpecifies the hash which mosparo received.
payloadBothAuthorization errorSpecifies the data mosparo used to calculate the HMAC hash.
hasSubmitTokenVerificationVerification errorSpecifies if the submit token was set in the request.
hasValidationSignatureVerificationVerification errorSpecifies if the validation signature was set in the request.
hasFormSignatureVerificationVerification errorSpecifies if the form signature was set in the request.
minimumTimeExpectedVerificationVerification errorSpecifies the expected minimum time if the minimum time security feature is enabled.
minimumTimeElapsedVerificationVerification errorSpecifies the elapsed time if the minimum time security feature is enabled.
expectedSignatureVerificationVerification errorSpecifies the expected validation signature.
receivedSignatureVerificationVerification errorSpecifies the received validation signature.
signtaurePayloadVerificationVerification errorSpecifies the payload used to calculate the expected signature.
expectedValueVerificationField verification errorSpecifies the expected value for the field.
receivedValueVerificationField verification errorSpecifies the received value for the field.


field_not_in_received_dataThe hash for this field was not set in the request.
field_signature_invalidThe hash for the field calculated by mosparo is different from the hash specified in the request.
hmac_hash_invalidThe request signature, an HMAC hash specified as the password in the Authorization header, was not equal to the expected one.
minimum_time_invalidThe minimum time has not elapsed, and the verification is too early.
required_parameter_missingOne of the required parameters is missing.
submit_token_not_foundThe given submit token cannot be found in the database.
submit_token_not_validThe given submit token is invalid, maybe because the submit token was already used.
validation_signature_invalidThe given validation signature is different from the one mosparo has calculated.