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Main features

1. Usable by everybody

This modern spam protection system is one of a kind. It’s fully compatible with Screen Readers and mouse, keyboard, or touch usage.

2. Open source and free to use

mosparo is open-source and free to use for everybody. You can install it on every regular web hosting.

3. Data privacy

mosparo uses only the data someone has entered into the form (plus the IP address and the user agent) but does not collect any other data and does not need any cookies.

4. Fully Customizable Design

A web admin can customize the design of the mosparo box to fit in any website or app.

5. Data protection

The data in mosparo gets encrypted or hashed (IP addresses) automatically before storing them in the database. All form data will be deleted automatically after 14 days.

More features

  • In mosparo, you can enable a honey pot field, which can additionally help to protect your form from spam.
  • Additionally, you can enable a minimum time that the user or robot needs to fill out the form. Robots typically fill out your form within seconds – humans usually need longer to type all the data in your form.
  • mosparo also has an automatic delay and blocking feature. With these features, you can delay or stop the user for a specific time if the user fills out the form multiple times. Multiple spam submissions from the same user within a short time can be stopped or at least limited with these features.
  • A web admin can customize the mosparo box in your form. You can choose all the colors, the general size, and other details about the box, which will be displayed in your form. Since it’s a standard HTML element in your website, you could also use CSS rules to adjust it even more.
  • mosparo is based on projects. This means that you can use one mosparo installation for multiple websites. You create a new project for a new website and connect the website with your mosparo installation.
  • It is possible to import rules from a remote source. mosparo will automatically refresh these remote sources to get the latest changes.
  • With the use of GeoIP2, mosparo can resolve an IP address and display its provider and country.