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Data processing


mosparo only processes the data that is transmitted when validating the form data. This includes:

  • The address and title of the website where the form was completed
  • All data entered by the user in the form fields
  • The user's IP address and User-Agent
  • The AS number and the country of the IP address, if GeoIP2 is enabled


All personal data stored for submission is automatically encrypted. If someone should gain unauthorized access to the mosparo database, they can see all submissions but not the data the user has submitted, as the data is encrypted.

In certain places, the user's IP address is not stored encrypted. To enable security measures, it is essential that the system can search for the IP address. However, the non-encrypted IP addresses are stored as a hash and are no longer directly recognizable.

Other data that has nothing to do with the submissions (for example, user accounts, settings, and rules) will not be stored in encrypted form.


All submissions will be considered obsolete after 14 days. The next time a system cleanup is performed, all stale data is automatically deleted. A system cleanup is performed either automatically when opening a form (requesting a submission token) when using mosparo or automatically by the cleanup cron job. However, the automatic cleanup action must be configured manually as a cron job.

Submission tokens (and the IP address used for it), which were not used, are considered obsolete after 24 hours and deleted during the next system cleanup.